Optical Academy House Calls

Homebound Eye Care Services

Optical Academy provides homebound eye care services for our fragile members right at their homes! Wherever our members are comfortable is where our team will be. Our Vision Team travels directly to the homes of homebound members of all ages,  bringing the eye care and eyewear to them. Just because someone is unable to physically go to the eye doctor, does not mean their vision and eyes should suffer. Our vision team is equipped with special mobile equipment and a wide collection of eyewear to accommodate all of your specific visual needs right from your bed, couch, chair, or anywhere you feel at ease.

Necessary Vision Care

Vision Care is essential for day to day life, especially for those who are home everyday. Many homebound members enjoy hobbies such as reading and watching tv, especially if they are immobile. Without their vision, they are unable to see the tv or what they are reading. Optical Academy is here to allow our homebound members to enjoy the things they love most with clear vision.

How It Works

Fragile members can receive an eye exam at home! First, members can Schedule a date, time, and set-up Location for their Optical Academy House Call through our booking page or by contacting our team. Our team will take care of insurance verification, and logistics before coming to our members home.

At Home Eye Exam

Our mobile optometrist and onsite technician conduct vision screenings,eye exams, mobile eye tests, and fit eyewear for our homebound members. Our team brings a variety of eyewear styles for our members to choose from and ensure they feel comfortable and confident in.

Our mission

We are helping all of our fragile homebound members to see a beautiful day, everyday even from home! Vision is luxury, not a necessity and we ensure all fragile members receive the vision care they deserve to do the things they love at home!



All Employees Served With Direct Vision Care All In One Day At Their Worksite!.



Vision screenings, eye exams, and eyewear for all students at their schools!


Community Events

Provide Easy Access To Eye Care & Eyewear for Your Entire Community!


At Home

Skip the trip! We travel directly to all fragile homebound patients! 

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