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Schedule a Date, Time, and Set-up Location for your Optical Academy Onsite Educator and Staff Eye Exam and Eyewear visit. Our team will take care of insurance verification, and logistics before coming onsite.

Mobile eye care

The Optical Academy Van and our Elite Vision Team arrive to provide a Mobile Eye Exam, Contact Lens Fittings, and a variety of 500+ Eyeglasses to choose from. At the location of your establishment. 


We bring Eyecare to you! Stop in during a lunch break, or right after school! Our onsite eyecare events were made to bring convenience to you and your members! As a result, no more hours and weekends at the eye doctor’s office

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Leading industry in ON-SITE Mobile Vision Care

Take advantage of exclusive Educator pricing & services at our local Member Benefits Events. Hybrid teaching calls for a customized pair of glasses for your everyday needs! 

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What are people saying?

Wendy Kubu

Belmar Elementary School
“So helpful to all of us at Belmar Elementary School. Thanks for the support and assistance for our students.”

Angela Trzcinski

Sparta High School

“Thank you to the Optical Academy staff who helped me out at Sparta High School today!”


“This is my 4th visit to an Optical Academy site. I can truly say that the experiences were all great. The team that provided services today was professional from the beginning to the end of the day. There was a good selection of frames at a great cost. Thank you Optical Academy for your service to our schools and community!”

Mildred Tejera 

Brooklyn NY DOE/ Teachers UFT

“Your staff is awesome. They were fast and efficient. Hope they come back when we have to test the rest of our students.”

Laura Salamone

“Reasonable prices. Friendly and efficient service. Eye glasses mailed directly to home.”

Why Educators choose Optical Academy?

Virtual teaching has had a major impact on Teacher’s Eye Health, therefore bringing Eyecare to your staff will show them their true value as educators. Our onsite eye care events were made to bring convenience to you and your members! There’s no cost to book an onsite mobile eye exam for your Education Association or District!

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