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Give us a Date & We’ll Screen, Examine, & Provide Glasses for ALL Students in One Day!

Schedule a Date, Time, and Set us up in the school cafeteria, auditorium or designated space for your Optical Academy® Onsite Mobile Eye care & Eyewear Event.

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How It Works!

The Optical Academy® Van and our Award Winning Mobile Vision Team will arrive at your school to provide Vision Screenings, Mobile Eye Exams, and a variety of 500+ Eyeglasses to choose from. With our onsite lab package, students’ glasses are made in the same day right onsite!

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In & Out Process!

Our team provides eye care and eyewear for an entire school building in just one day! Students can be brought down by class, period, or registration time. All students who fail a vision screening receive eye exams & choose a pair of glasses right then and there! We are here to deliver the most efficient and convenient vision care for all students!

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Mobile Vision Care

Optical Academy Mobile Vision Care

Did you know 70% of children who fail a vision screening never see an Eye Doctor for corrective eyewear? Our program aims to bridge that gap as we directly provide children with an eye exam & glasses right in the comfort of their school!

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Optical Academy Design

One Building, One Price, One Day!

Students can receive eye exams with their best friend, making eye care a fun experience together!

All students who fail a vision screening are seen by our eye doctor right away in the same day!

Parents no longer have to struggle to find availability to bring their children to an eye doctor’s office!

Students are seen at their place of convenience and skip the office wait!

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Onsite Lab Option

After students choose their eyewear, their glasses are made right then and there!

Students get the opportunity to see how their glasses are made and receive them all in one day!

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Optical Academy® makes eye care and eyewear easily accessible for students. Our team brings onsite vision care right to their schools with one direct price for the entire school building!


1 in 4 children have a visual impairment that needs correction. Most children don’t know that they need eyeglasses so it is important to detect visual difficulties in early childhood to provide necessary eyewear.


80% of what children learn in school is presented visually. Our pilots have proven that a student’s visual abilities are directly correlated to academic success in the classroom.


Most working parents can’t afford to take off for non-emergency appointments which is why so many student’s never get seen. By bringing eyecare to school, you can be a major helping hand to both students & their families

What are people saying?


Newark Legacy Charter School

The entire team was professional, pleasant, and super kid friendly. As the Special Projects Coordinator, it’s always a pleasure to work with a great team during student focused events. I look forward to working with this organization in the future.

Jeanmarie Shea

“The staff did an outstanding job assisting me to select frames! I picked them up today and I love them! This is the second pair of glasses that I purchased here and as a school nurse, I feel confident referring my students to the Optical Academy.”

Mary Pat Wallace

Belmar School

“Robert, Steve and Will came to Belmar School on January 18, 2018. They were thorough, accommodating and fun. They are unbelievably great with the kids. Even our prek special needs kids showed no fear. And, of course, our staff members were thrilled with the price.”

Maria Velez

Brick High School
Today I had an exceptional experience with the Optical Academy group who visited our school (Brick High School). Everyone was super friendly, informative and helpful.

Debra Ann Mccracken

Westfield High School

I just want to say how helpful the staff from Optical Academy was today at Westfield High School. As always they went above and beyond!!! Thank you again!!

NYC School Vision Program

Read more about our Pioneering Pilot Programs with NYC Department of Health & Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) to bring Eye Exams and Eyeglasses to thousands of students in New York City.

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Learn all about our partnership with New York City & how we can pilot a vision program in your State.

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Eye Exams & Eyeglasses to 30,000+ NYC Temporary Housing Students


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