Mobile Eye Test’s Are Beneficial For Students

Mobile Eye Test’s are beneficial for students according to Optical Academy. Surprisingly, a quarter of children have vision issues that can negatively impact their academic performance. It is essential for students to receive proper vision care in order to learn, develop, and excel. All students have the right to see their teacher’s lessons clearly and receive a quality education. The ultimate goal of Optical Academy is to ensure that every student has access to necessary eye care and eyewear. The American Optometric Association also supports this belief and emphasizes the importance of eye exams for students as they return to school.

Mobile Eye Test

Eye Test for Mobile Devices

Process of Checking In and Checking Out

Our group of on-site technicians, optometrists, and opticians visit students directly at their school, covering the entire building in a single day! This way, students can avoid the lengthy wait at an optometrist’s office and get their vision screenings, eye exams, and eyewear all at their convenient location.

Efficiently Saving Time and Money for Parents

At Optical Academy, parents can avoid the challenges of bringing their child to the eye doctor. Due to financial constraints and busy work and school schedules, many parents struggle to make non-emergency appointments. As a result, children may not receive necessary eye care. However, our mobile eye exams and glasses are brought directly to schools, freeing parents from the burden of arranging vision care for their child. This not only saves parents time and money, but also ensures that their child receives proper eye care.

On-the-Go Optometrist Services and In-Person Eyewear Assistance

Were you aware that a staggering 70% of kids who do not pass a vision screening do not end up getting an eye exam? This unfortunate statistic means that these children are left to struggle with their vision impairments and are unable to reach their full potential in learning. To address this issue, Optical Academy offers a solution by guaranteeing that any student who fails a vision screening will automatically receive an eye exam. Our optometrist will conduct the exam onsite and without delay. After the onsite eye doctor verifies their prescription for glasses, children have the opportunity to select from our extensive and exclusive onsite collection of eyewear.

Finding Comfort in the School Setting

Children often have apprehensions about visiting an eye doctor, especially if they have never had an eye exam before. However, Optical Academy offers a mobile vision program that brings the eye doctor to the students’ school, giving them a sense of comfort. Our team ensures that each child is at ease during the onsite process and provides a personalized and enjoyable experience while addressing their visual needs. With our onsite mobile eye test, students can feel more at ease as they receive the necessary vision care in a familiar and comfortable environment.

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Many children often have feelings of apprehension when it comes to visiting an eye doctor. This feeling may be intensified if they have never undergone an eye examination before. However, with Optical Academy’s convenient onsite mobile vision program, students can now receive eye care at their school, making the experience more comforting. Our team takes great care in guiding each child through the onsite process to ensure their well-being and ease. We strive to make the process of receiving eye care and eyewear enjoyable and tailored to the specific visual needs of each student. By having a mobile eye test at their school, students can feel at ease in a familiar environment and receive the necessary vision care. Discover the advantages of Optical Academy’s Mobile Eye Test at your school, compared to traditional vision screenings.



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