Our service works with all types of insurance. We provide special pricing for those who don’t have insurance.

If you are interested in planning to do a Mobile Eye Care event with your location of choice, you can register for a booking here: Onsite Event Booking or send us an email.

Our Eye Exams typically take about 15 minutes. You should plan to spend 30 minutes with us to allow more time for check-in, pre-testing, the eye exam, and information, then check out.

Yes, we take outside prescriptions as long as they are signed by your Doctor and not expired. We also offer an Online Optical Shop where you can buy glasses or contacts with your prescription online.

You can book an appointment using https://optical-academy.com/in-office-exams/

Yes! You can still get an eye exam if you aren’t eligible through insurance.

  • Insurance card or insurance information
  • Most recent contacts/glasses you wear and prescription
  • Preferred payment method

We provide a comprehensive eye health examination, and your glasses and contacts are assessed during your visit.

The process takes roughly around 10-14 days.

Yes, we provide a Mobile Eyecare service for residencies and would be able to set it up in your lobby or amenity room. We offer a full day of onsite eye care in your apartment or condo building for you and your residents!

The employees will receive their eyewear by mail after providing the desired shipping location.

It’s not necessary to wear them to the appointment, but you should bring a pair with you to evaluate them. We also need either the boxes from your existing contacts or the written prescription.

We provide an optical shop, which offers a variety of 500+ Eyeglasses to choose from. The frame is mailed to the desired shipping location.

If after your Eye Exam you still need follow up care, we will either schedule you an eye exam at our in-office location or refer you to one.

We provide a Mobile Vision Lab Fleet which will accompany our Mobile Vision Team to provide same-day eyewear at onsite eye care events in schools, worksites, residencies,  nursing homes, community centers, or even at home across the country!

If you’ve gotten prescribed glasses or contacts that you have been using for 3-5 days and it doesn’t feel comfortable, please call us at 1-800-530-2730 or email [email protected] to set up an in-office follow-up appointment.

We conduct multiple eyecare events throughout the week. We have a calendar of where and when we are hosting events and where you can schedule one here: https://optical-academy.com/on-site-event-booking/

We understand that things don’t always work out. Our main priority is to make sure you not only have a great experience with us, but we also want to ensure that you are comfortable with your vision and purchase. If you are wishing to return a product you can either email [email protected] for more information on returns or visit our in-office location.

If you broke your glasses you can come to our in-office location to repair them to you, or you can email us at [email protected] for more information on your question.

Yes, we do! We provide contact lens fittings at our in-office location.

Simple! Get an in-person eye exam at our location in Clifton, NJ. Book an appointment here or call 1-800-530-2730

We provide mobile eye care events for locations of your choosing with no cost setup. Once you book an event with us we set up with our mobile vision team at your desired location. After we set up, we will take care of online registrations, logistics, vision insurance eligibility, and eye exam appointment confirmations. Then we would provide comprehensive eye exams and eyewear for your members. Learn more here!

Optical Academy is an onsite mobile eye care and eyewear provider. Providing onsite eye exams to multiple schools, worksites, nursing homes, homes, etc. We also provide an online shop selling eyewear at Shop Optical Academy.


Have Any Other Questions?

If you have any other questions you can ask with the form below or give us a call at 1-800-530-2730