Optical Academy® is the nation’s leading onsite mobile eye care and eyewear provider! Our team is made up of passionate, award winning eye care professionals and onsite vision technicians.

If you are interested in planning to do an Onsite Eye Care event with your location of choice, you can submit an event request on Our Booking Page or Contact Us via phone or email to speak directly with an onsite coordinator. We are here for YOU!

Our Vision Teams traves NATIONWIDE to your schools, worksites, communities, and fragile patients’ homes. Wherever our members are, we will be!

Depending on the type of onsite event, it works differently! Check out our onsite flow for each type of event for schools, worksites, communities, and homes . All members receive vision screenings, eye exams, specific eye tests, and get to choose their favorite eyewear!

We are contracted by schools, government agencies, or sponsors!  HR managers and school officials can get a price quote for their entire building. Speak with an onsite coordinator to inquire for a price for your specific onsite event!

**This does not apply to house calls**

Our onsite eye doctor performs mobile eye exams right at our members’ place of  convenience. It’s like a normal eye exam but without the hassle of actually going to the eye doctor’s office! (and much more fun this way!)

Yes, we carry a vast onsite eyewear collection of over 500+ unqiue styles for members to choose their perfect pair!

Unless you have inquired for the onsite mobile lab option, you will not receive your glasses in the same day. We take your glasses back to our lab and work our magic! The glasses are then shipped to the preferred shipping address in 2-4 weeks.

We provide a comprehensive eye health examination, and your glasses and contacts are assessed right onsite!

The process takes roughly around 2-4 weeks.

There is no event too big or too small! Our vision team can handle it all!!!

Our vision team travels to homes of our fragile homebound patients who are unable to go to the eye doctor! Learn more about house calls here.

If after your Eye Exam you still need follow up care, we will either schedule you an eye exam at our in-office location or refer you to one.

If you’ve gotten prescribed glasses or contacts that you have been using for 5-7 days and it doesn’t feel comfortable, please call us at 1-800-530-2730 or email info@optical-academy.com to set up an in-office follow-up appointment or telehealth assesment.

We understand that things don’t always work out. Our main priority is to make sure you not only have a great experience with us, but we also want to ensure that you are comfortable with your vision and purchase. If you are wishing to return a product you can either email info@optical-academy.com for more information on returns or visit our in-office location.

If you broke your glasses you can come to our in-office location to repair them to you, or you can email us at info@optical-academy.com for more information on your question.

Yes, we do contact lens fittings onsite for current contact lens wearers! 


Have Any Other Questions?

If you have any other questions you can ask with the form below or give us a call at 1-800-530-2730