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Pick a Date & We Will Be There To Provide All Employees With Mobile Vision Care!

Schedule a Date, Time, and Set-up Location for your Optical Academy® Testing In Ten Worksite Event! With our mobile optometrist and onsite technicians,  all employees are served in one day right onsite!

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Mobile Eye Exams & Eyewear For All Employees!

The Optical Academy® Van and Onsite Mobile Vision Team arrive to provide Vision Screenings, Mobile Eye Exams, and a variety of 500+ Eyeglasses and safety eyewear to choose from at the location of your establishment. 

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Providing Specific Visual Ergonomics & Safety Eyewear!

We use visual ergonomics of the workplace to fit your employee’s specific visual needs. We strive to help workers execute their job to their best abilities with improved vision. As result, the improvement of their visual health will promote work performance, productivity, and profits!

Each Employee Is Provided With Vision Care & Is Only Out Of Their Workstation For An Average Of Just Ten Minutes!

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Mobile Vision Care

Direct Vision Provider

Optical Academy® travels directly to worksites bringing onsite vision care to all employees for one direct price!

Preventative Eye Care

Reduce healthcare costs! An eye exam can detect high blood pressure, diabetes, and more!

Increased Work Productivity, Performance, & Profits

With improved vision, comes improved work! Employees are able to execute their job to their best abilities with clear vision, overall benefiting the company and work environment.

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Onsite Eye Exams

Most working employees can’t afford to take off for non-emergency appointments. Therefore, bringing our Testing In Ten Worksite Program to them is a great solution. 60% of Employees never use their vision benefits due to having no time. Optical Academy® eliminates red tape and directly provides vision care to employees at their worksite. It takes less time to serve each and every employee than it does to simply get a claim!

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What are people saying?

Nancy Miller

“We had an eye exam/glasses and frames event at our employer today…”services for the underserved” provided this benefit to all employees…Optical Academy’s staff were professional and fun to work with our employees were extremely pleased and benefited from this event…our CFO was extremely pleased….Thank You for such a great day!!! MUCH APPRECIATED.”

Mildred Tejera 

Brooklyn NY DOE/ Teachers UFT

“Your staff is awesome. They were fast and efficient. Hope they come back when we have to test the rest of our students.”

Brian Hodgdon

“Optical Academy is a shining example of what professionalism, customer and community connectivity, and service should be. Raoul, Dr. Vito, and Gloria were terrific and everyone was so friendly! Extra shout out for Gloria for helping me pick out new frames for a great new look!”

Sally Flannery

“This is far and above the best place for eye care and glasses. Frame selection is great and prices are even better. Robert came right to our house, set up equipment, brought a big selection of frames and throughly explained our prescription as well as choices that would be best for us. Customer service is also fantastic: a friendly, helpful person always answers the phone…and they do always answer the phone – no getting put on hold for an hour. This is my second exam/glasses/contacts from Optical Academy, and I couldn’t be happier!”

Maryam Ali

“Great team with outstanding service and highly standardized work ethics Dr. Amira, Frida, and Will thank you for being so passionate about what you do!!”

Why employers choose Optical Academy®

Employers choose Optical Academy® because we provide a direct vision program that not only saves employees time but money. Additionally, Testing In Ten is a time-efficient program that allows employees to be tested in just ten minutes and return back to their work station!  After employees receive their mobile eye exam, they get to choose and get fitted for their eyewear right then & there. They can then order their eyewear onsite with our mobile vision team and it will be shipped to their desired location. As a result, our direct vision program will notably improve worksite productivity, safety, and overall health- benefitting not only your company but your employees, too. The improvement of health reduces the cost of healthcare. Employers are able to cover compliance requirements with our Color Vision Test, corrected and Un-Corrected Visual Acuities, and more.

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