About Optical Academy

What Is Optical Academy?

  • Optical Academy is a team of Elite Mobile Vision Care professionals. We are also the Nation’s Leading Provider for Mobile On-Site Eye Exams and Eyewear for School-sites, Work-sites and Communities.
  • We also provide state-of-the-art digital equipment when offering our mobile vision care service.  Accommodating any patient and be their voice when it comes to their vision is something we take pride in.
About Optical Academy



Revolutionizing The Eyecare Industry

Do you know why Optical Academy disrupted a 40 Billion Dollar Industry? There’s plenty of the same old problems the industry didn’t solve!

Industry Problems

  • 70% of children who fail a vision screening never receive an eye exam and glasses?
  • Over 60% of employees with a vision plan never utilize it!
  • Eyewear is marked up over 1000%!?

How did we approach these industry issues?

  • Our School program offers an eye exam and provides eyeglasses for children in the comfort of their schools that helps bridge that gap for kids not knowing they need glasses, and provides convenience and saves time for parents.
School Program
  • With our worksite program you are able to utilize your vision plan onsite with us! So by booking us at your workplace, it will give value to your employee’s by bringing eye care to them saving time and money. While having no cost setup to your company!
Worksite Program
  • Eyewear products are astonishingly overpriced. We came up with a solution of providing a Trendy, Fashionable, Prescription Optical Shop that offers your favorite brand of eyeglasses, sunglasses, contact lenses, as well as blue light filtering glasses and kits All at affordable prices.
Optical Academy Shop

Solving the biggest vision care industries problems is why Optical Academy is now the Leader in the ON-SITE Mobile Vision Care Market in the USA!

Mobile Vision Care Services



Optical Academy provides a full service mobile optical shops. We conduct mobile onsite eye exams and provide eyewear. Our Mobile Vision Care Services has options of booking at your location of choosing. Such as School-sites, Work-sites, Nursing Homes, Communities, and Homes. We are COMPLETELY MOBILE and COME TO YOU! We provide mobile vision care, eye exams, contact lens renewals, eyeglasses, sunglasses, computer glasses (CompuSpecs), contacts, readers and accessories ALL ON-SITE!

Mobile Vision Care

Mobile Vision Fleet

Optical Academy is America’s leading provider of Onsite Mobile vision care for businesses, schools, and community events through mobile clinics with licensed Mobile Optometrists. Our Mobile Vision Fleet will accompany the Onsite Mobile Vision Team to get a Comprehensive Eye Exam by a Mobile Optometrist.

As result, we will provide same day eyewear at onsite eyecare events in your desired location, or across the country. We set up a full service pop-up optical shop directly inside schools, communities, and worksite buildings to provide affordable and convenient Mobile Vision Care to their members.