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Optical Academy® is a network of passionate Eye Care professionals, Ophthalmologists, Optometrists, Opticians, and Technicians leading onsite mobile eye care and eyewear led by an Optical Industry Veteran Abby Ayoub.

We provide state-of-the-art digital equipment when offering our onsite mobile eye care service.  Accommodating any patient and being their voice when it comes to their vision is something we take pride in.


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Optical Academy Mobile Vision Care

Solving Industry Problems

Do you know why Optical Academy® disrupted a 40 Billion Dollar Industry? There are plenty of the same old problems the industry didn’t solve!

Industry Problems

  • 70% of children who fail a vision screening never receive an eye exam and glasses!
  • Over 60% of employees with a vision plan never utilize it!
  • Eyewear is marked up by over 1000%!

How did we approach these industry issues?

We provide programs that offer mobile eye exams in the comfort of any location and can utilize your vision plan onsite with us. Whether that be in schools, worksites, nursing homes, or community events, We will be there! There’s no cost set up and we offer affordable eyewear products onsite for purchase with your eye exam.

Passion For Real

As a result of solving the biggest vision care industries problems is why Optical Academy® is now the Leader in the Onsite Mobile Vision Care Market in the USA! Our mobile vision team makes receiving eye care and eyewear a fun experience for all! We guide you through eye exams, help you to choose eyewear you are most comfortable & confident in, and answer any questions you may have! We make sure to help you understand what we see regarding your vision and discuss the best eyewear options for each specific patient! Our team travels directly to you; bringing our services right to your location making eye care and eye wear easily accessible for all!

Optical Academy® is dedicated to delivering convenient and affordable eye care and eyewear to everyone of all ages!

True Integrity

Optical Academy® ensures elite eye care and eyewear at affordable costs, helping as many as we can to see a beautiful day everyday!

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We are always here for our members and community aiming to provide the best eye care and eyewear possible for them.  Vision care is a necessity, not a luxury and this is why we made our eye care and eyewear services easily accessible & affordable for ALL! 

Optometrists Led by Dr. Vitto Mena

Co-Clinical director of Special Olympics Lions Club International Opening Eyes program servicing athletes and coaches on a yearly basis. With his love for sports Dr. Vitto became Sports Vision Director at Optical Academy®. He gets access to go into the school systems and talk directly with athletic directors, athletic trainers and principals on the importance of comprehensive eye examinations as well as protective eye wear and concussion management. Working with the department of education and department of health in New York City and being the #1 eye care provider for the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) Dr. Vitto has helped children, teachers and athletes see a beautiful day everyday!

Optical Academy® Awards & Recognitions

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Our Story

Optical Academy all started with Abby Ayoub, an Optical Industry veteran, and her dream to help everyone of all ages to see a beautiful day every day. Statistics showed that up to 16 million Americans have undiagnosed and untreated vision impairments and the majority of children who receive eye exams never get the corrective eyewear they need. These overwhelming statistics stem from parents not having time to take their children to the doctor’s office, families with no insurance, transportation struggles, etc. This showed Abby that a change was needed, and she was more than ready to take action to make sure everyone can easily access an eye exam and receive the eyewear they need.

Abby implemented the unique idea of eye care professionals traveling to their patients, instead of patients coming to them. For 12 years Abby has been leading Optical Academy®, the Nation’s Leading and Most Trusted Onsite Mobile Eye Care and Eyewear provider. Our mobile vision team travels across the nation to schools, worksites, communities, and more; making sure everyone receives the eye care they deserve. Optical Academy® has traveled to over 15,000 onsite events and screened and examined over 1 million students. Our mission is to continue expanding to provide easily accessible and cost-effective eye care and eyewear for everyone across the nation. We won’t stop until everyone of all ages can see a beautiful day every day!

Our Team

Dr. Vitto Mena

Licensed Optometric Physician

NJ LIC# 27OA00657300

NY LIC#TUV008546-1

Abby Ayoub

 Licensed Optician 

NY LIC#007472

NJ LIC#31TD00330100

Dr. Denise Currier

 Licensed Optometric Physician

NJ LIC#27OA00668000

Dr. Jubin Bharat Shah

Licensed Optometrist

NY LIC# T009520

Dr. Kathleen Gross

Licensed Optometrist

NY LIC#008812

Dr. Pooja Berdia

Licensed Optometrist

NY LIC #TUV008790-01

Dr. Melissa Levine

Licensed Optometrist

NY LIC #TUV009377

Dr. Melissa Ochlan

Licensed Optometric Physician

NJ LIC#27OA00660600

NY LIC#TUV008349-1

Dr. Kevin A. Patrizio

Licensed Optometrist

NY LIC#TUV009404-01

Dr. Richard Duong

Licensed Optometrist

NY LIC #TUV009477-01

Dr. Maciel Cruz

Licensed Optometrist

NY LIC #TUV009105

Raymond Joseph Castro

Licensed Optician

FL LIC#D04855

Dr. Christine Irene Frantzis

Licensed Optometrist

NY LIC #TUV008472-01

Dr. Divya Nandwani

Licensed Optometrist

NY LIC #TUV007863-01

Dr. Clayton Boyd

Licensed Optometrist

AZ  –  LIC #OPT-002398

CO – LIC #OPT.0003434


GA – LIC #OPT003189

IA –  LIC #97858

ID –  LIC #ODP-100484

IL  –  LIC #46011336

MA  –  LIC #OPT5386

MD –  LIC #TA2661

MI –  LIC #4901005172

MN –  LIC #3597

NJ –  LIC #27OA00694000

NY –  LIC #TUV008727

OH –  LIC #OPT.006814

OK –  LIC #2836

OR –  LIC #4392ATI

PA –  LIC #OEG003384

TX –  LIC #9791T

WA –  LIC #OD61046450

WI –  LIC #3527-35

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