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Importance of Vision Screening in Schools

Optical Academy is on a mission to reach as many students as possible with our onsite mobile vision services!  We bring vision screenings, eye exams, and glasses to students right at their schools. Vision is the #1 vital resource for children when it comes to education. If a child cannot see, they cannot learn. Countless students struggle to see and may be nervous to speak up, or have trouble understanding what exactly is wrong with their eyes. 1 in 4 children have undiagnosed vision problems and it is affecting their ability to learn. Optical Academy is ready to end their vision struggles, take the weight off of school nurses, and overall paint the path for students to reach their full potential.


Optical Academy Serves All Students in One Day

School nurses have their hands full as they have many responsibilities to keep students in good health. Between taking care of students who struggle with medical conditions, first aid care, administering medications, and  communicating with staff to ensure the safety and well-being of students, they are taking on countless different responsibilities day in and day out. Optical Academy is allowing school nurses to focus on the urgent matters of students and their health concerns as we take matters of vision into our hands and provide the entire school building of students with eye care and eyewear in just one day.


Global Epidemic of Myopia & Myopia Control

Our world is currently suffering from a myopia epidemic that is affecting nearly 30% of the human population and is swiftly increasing. This means 30% of people are nearsighted and the younger they are, the faster it progresses. This is why early age eye care is vital to detect and prevent vision impairments like myopia. Students desperately need vision care and corrective eyewear now more than ever, and Optical Academy is here to do just that! We have enough research, development, and experience to provide the solution for students.


Getting Students Back on Track

We are ultimately helping students to obtain the best education possible and get back on track after the pandemic that set students back academically 2-3 years. All students deserve vision care to be able to grow, thrive, and excel in their education. Optical Academy travels to schools nationally, making sure each student is seen and able to reach their goals. Book Optical Academy at your school and have every child screened, examined, and provided with glasses if needed- all in one day!



All Employees Served With Direct Vision Care All In One Day At Their Worksite!.



Vision screenings, eye exams, and eyewear for all students at their schools!


Community Events

Provide Easy Access To Eye Care & Eyewear for Your Entire Community!


At Home

Skip the trip! We travel directly to all fragile homebound patients! 

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