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Optical Academy’s National Glasses to Classes Program is Changing The Delivery Of Eye Care For Students With Same Day Eye Exams & Glasses!

[New York, NY] The revolution continues- Optical Academy is steadily on its way to change the delivery of eye care one pupil at a time. This upcoming school year, they are positioned to provide free eye exams and eyewear to students in the comfort of their New York City schools through a partnership with the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and Department of Education. The program is focused on schools with students in temporary housing. Over 101,000 students in NYC are in line to be provided with free eye care and eyewear during the 2022-2023 school year. To date, Optical Academy has serviced over 1.5 million students nationally with our mobile vision services.

 The company has been an industry pioneer in onsite mobile eye care for over 10 years. They have perfected their model by strategizing and creating an onsite flow that is customized to each building. Optical Academy has the ability to provide an entire school building with vision screenings, eye exams, and eyewear all in just one day. Their “in and out” model aims to ensure that the school day is not widely interrupted by the vision services. All students will be screened, examined and receive glasses in the same day with our mobile optometrist, mobile opthalmologist, and mobile optician.

 Pre-Covid statistics suggested that 1 in every 4 children needed corrective eyewear. This number has jumped up to over 1 in every 3 students. The increase is correlated with the amount of virtual learning that students have been exposed to in most recent years. The impact that this has had on students’ vision has not gone unnoticed by Optical Academy. This year, the company has committed efforts on bringing access to their Glasses to Classes Program nationally.

 “Eye care is every student’s most important tool for academic success” observes Abby Ayoub, Founder & CEO of Optical Academy. “I can’t explain in words what it feels like to be able to lead this model and change so many lives through same day eye exams and glasses at their schools. We are giving students an earlier start in the world. I will not rest until we have served every student we possibly can” she expresses.

 Optical Academy is currently on a mission to help children rebuild from their COVID setbacks by being able to see and learn clearly, comfortably, and confidently. Their trained vision teams are partnering with local eye care professionals to provide onsite vision screenings, eye exams, and eyewear to students nationally and provide them with the tools they need to excel for a brighter future.

 To partner or inquire about an Optical Academy Onsite Eyecare Event for your organization use the contact information below.

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All Employees Served With Direct Vision Care All In One Day At Their Worksite!.



Vision screenings, eye exams, and eyewear for all students at their schools!


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