How does mobile eye care work?

How Does Mobile Eye Care Work?

Throughout the years, the eye care industry has evolved tremendously and continues to grow. There’s a new revolutionary service that makes eye care more practical and convenient. Which is the introduction to mobile eye care. How does mobile eye care work? Mobile Eye Care is the process of bringing professional optometrists to you! Whether that be in your business establishment, schools, nursing homes, at home, etc.!

Not everyone has time to go for an in-person appointment for eye care, and businesses or schools can’t send everyone at their location to an optometrist. Either the optometrist’s office would be too crowded or not everyone has the leisure time to do so. Therefore, having eye care come to you at your establishment will allow you to provide eye care in an organized manner to save time and provide service. The process of mobile eye care takes care of these issues and has mobile optometrists come to you!

Mobile Eye Care


The licensed optometrist’s set up at your location with advanced equipment to perform eye exams and provide eyewear. You can get a comprehensive mobile eye exam at the location of your choosing.

After the comprehensive eye exam, you will receive your results immediately and have the option to purchase eyewear with your recent results. At Optical Academy we offer over 500+ frames with different styles and shapes that best fit your preference. All at an affordable price.

What is Mobile Eye Care?

As stated before, it’s the process of bringing professional optometrists to your location. After booking, mobile optometrists setup up their equipment to perform comprehensive eye exams in the comfort of your location.

At Optical Academy, the team sets up an onsite mobile pop-up optical shop with state-of-the-art equipment directly inside your desired location. The process is cost-free for your company!

Mobile Eye Care Provider

Why Choose Mobile Eye Care?

Mobile eye care services have huge benefits. When booking for your mobile eye care event, there’s no cost setup for your business. It’s also at your location! This means you would be saving not only money but time at the comfort of your location.

Optometrists can dispense quick and efficient care while reducing costs and time waiting for patients. Here at Optical Academy, we have a Mobile Vision Lab Fleet which will accompany their Onsite Vision Team to provide same-day eyewear at onsite eye care events. Your glasses are made while you wait so you don’t have to waste time having to purchase eyewear with your recent eye exam results.

Booking Mobile Eye Care

Here at Optical Academy, we make booking for your onsite event easy. We provide a 5-step system to explain the process and give detailed information.


Step One is to Schedule a Date, Time, and Location for your Optical Academy Onsite Eye Exam & Eyewear visit.


Our onsite coordinator will send you customized links and flyers to share and promote your onsite eye care event within your school, worksite, or community. You are also able to invite friends and family!


Leave the boring stuff to us. We will take care of online registrations, logistics, vision insurance eligibility, and eye exam appointment confirmations. For a stress-free, and fun day of mobile eye exams and eyewear!


The Optical Academy Van and Mobile Vision Team will arrive to set up inside your location to provide Onsite Mobile Eye Care.

Eye Exam and Eyewear 

After setting up we will provide eye exams. You will be able to receive the recent results of your onsite eye exam immediately. After your eye exam, you can purchase eyewear with your most recent prescription from us. There is 500+ eyewear to choose from with different affordable styles.

If you want to know more information on how mobile eye care works you can contact us, or If you want to book your onsite eye care event you can book one with Optical Academy!

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All Employees Served With Direct Vision Care All In One Day At Their Worksite!.



Vision screenings, eye exams, and eyewear for all students at their schools!


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Provide Easy Access To Eye Care & Eyewear for Your Entire Community!


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Skip the trip! We travel directly to all fragile homebound patients! 

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