Pioneers in Eyecare: Optical Academy Launches Mobile Vision Lab Fleet

NEW YORKOct. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Nation’s leading Onsite Eyecare Provider, Optical Academy, launches their Mobile Vision Lab Fleet which will accompany their Onsite Vision Team to provide same day eyewear at onsite eyecare events in schools, worksites, nursing homes, and community centers across the country.

The company sets up a full service pop-up optical shop directly inside school, community, and worksite buildings to provide affordable and convenient eyecare to their members. Optical Academy has led the pioneering of onsite eyecare since 2010, servicing over a million eyes with their fleet nationwide.

The company tailors onsite eyecare events to the needs of their partner establishments. They work with state of the art digital equipment to provide the most advanced eyecare experience focusing on visual ergonomics of worksites, student success in the classroom, and accessible eyecare for the most fragile communities. “Our mission is to change the delivery of eye care for everyone. We spend most of our day in school, at work, or at home and that should be where you are receiving care”, shares Abby Ayoub, CEO of Optical Academy.

Optical Academy will kick start the launch of their Mobile Vision Lab Unit by debuting their fleet later this month to serve 30,000 NYC Students in Low Income Housing during the 2021-2022 school year. The Mobile Lab will be parked outside each eligible onsite event location to process and dispense eyewear to students the same day. The accessibility will help solve the urgency of corrective eyewear so that children have the opportunity to see a difference in the classroom immediately.

“If a student can’t see, they can’t learn. Seventy percent of children who fail a vision screening never see an Eye Doctor for corrective eyewear. Our program aims to bridge that gap and provide children with their first eye exam and pair of eyeglasses in the comfort of their school”, Ayoub explained. Optical Academy has worked in partnership with the New York City Department of Education and Department of Health & Mental Hygiene to provide onsite eyecare to hundreds of thousands of students in NYC schools for over 8 years.

The organization is partnering with eyecare providers, insurance carriers, school administrators, and worksite human resource & compliance departments, to be a source of affordable, convenient, safe, and accessible eyecare and help everyone see a beautiful day, everyday.

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