Purchase EyeGlasses & Contact Lenses with Cryptocurrency through Eyecare Industry Leader

NEW YORKMay 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Optical Academy, the eyecare industry’s leading provider of onsite and online eyecare, now has the ability to accept Crypto Currencies as a form of payment for eyecare services & eyewear. The innovative company has created access for the crypto community to purchase eyeglasses and contact lenses online, in-store, and while they are onsite.

“If there is one thing I’ve learned being a disrupter in the eyecare industry, it’s that to move forward you have to stay with the times. We have been working diligently to make this happen and we are so excited to share this journey with our customers,” says Abby Ayoub, CEO of Optical Academy. “We felt like it was our duty to offer this form of payment to the world for eyewear. The times are evolving and so will we!”

Optical Academy makes this announcement along with its sister companies TeleEyes Corp. & Optistyles LLC. TeleEyes is an online eyecare platform that connects patients with leading eyecare professionals to get treated for eye conditions, renew prescriptions, and get virtually fit for new glasses. Optistyles is an online eyewear store where customers can purchase cost-efficient eyewear and contact lenses with their prescription. Now they can do so with crypto!

Optical Academy and its affiliate companies will accept certain crypto currencies as a form of payment including: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, DAI & USDC. During checkout, a customer can choose to pay with a credit card or Crypto using Coinbase Commerce as their wallet method. As other reputable currencies become available, they will be added as a form of payment both instore and online at Optical Academy & its affiliates. They are currently working on adding Dogecoin and XRP as forms of payment within the next few weeks.

Background: Optical Academy provides cost efficient eye exams and eyewear in schools, worksites, homes, & communities. They are the industry leader in onsite and online eyecare, servicing the nation’s largest unions and groups. More information can be found on www.optical-academy.com or by calling 800-530-2730.



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