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Serving Worksites and Communities Nationwide

Serving Worksites and Communities Nationwide

The company is partnering with states, cities, local municipalities, and organizations to expand the access of their Glasses 2 Classes program nationally. Schools can book an onsite visit to provide their students with vision screenings, exams, and new eyeglasses all on the same day. Each school will receive a customized onsite flow to provide an “in and out” experience which aims to ensure that the school day is not widely interrupted by the vision services.

“More than half of parents have never taken their child to get an eye exam because they just don’t have the time to take off work for a non-emergency. It is not a difficulty that the parent can easily notice or that the child can even explain,” says Abby Ayoub, Founder & CEO of Optical Academy. “What people need to understand is that eye care is every student’s most important tool for academic success and I can’t explain in words what it feels like to be able to lead this model and change so many lives through simple eye exams and glasses at their schools,” she expresses.

Aside from the impact the company is having on students nationally, Optical Academy also offers on-site eye exams, eyeglasses, and contact lenses to businesses and community organizations to provide convenient and accessible eye care to a wide range of individuals. Employers can host their own Testing in Ten Worksite Wellness or OSHA Safety program where employees can receive an eye exam and choose eyewear in under 10 minutes. Local municipalities can also sponsor community based events to bring the same affordable and convenient eye care to their residents.

Optical Academy is currently on a mission to help communities see and learn clearly, comfortably, and confidently. Their trained vision teams are partnering with local eye care professionals to provide onsite vision screenings, eye exams, and eyewear to students nationally and provide them with the tools they need to excel for a brighter future.

To partner or inquire about an Optical Academy Onsite Eyecare Event for your organization use the contact information below.


Hana Shukri
Optical Academy



All Employees Served With Direct Vision Care All In One Day At Their Worksite!.



Vision screenings, eye exams, and eyewear for all students at their schools!


Community Events

Provide Easy Access To Eye Care & Eyewear for Your Entire Community!


At Home

Skip the trip! We travel directly to all fragile homebound patients! 

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