First Time Contact Lens Wearer

Contact lenses allow people to see the world clearly without having to wear glasses. Have a big occasion coming up? Not a fan of wearing glasses all the time? Contact lenses allow people to see perfectly without having to wear glasses all the time! Contact lenses won’t clash with what you’re wearing, won’t get in the way when exercising, and provide a wider field of view!

If you’re thinking about trying contact lenses for the first time, there are a few things you should know. The most important thing to make sure of is to consult with an eye care professional to see if contact lenses are right for you. Here at Optical Academy, we provide contact lens fittings and will be able to properly fit you for lenses and provide you with information on how to care for them.

Once you have your lenses, it’s important to follow the instructions for insertion and removal. It may take a little practice to get used to putting them in and taking them out, but it will become easier with time. We even offer a training program teaching you how to insert or remove your contact lenses! Be sure to clean your lenses regularly and replace them as often as recommended by your eye care professional.

Optical Academy Contact Lens Training

Ongoing Checkups

Contact lenses are convenient and easy to wear, so checkups are often overlooked. However, it’s important to visit your eye care professional regularly for a contact lens exam to make sure your lenses are still fitting well and that your eyes are healthy. Over time your eyes and lenses can change. This can potentially lead to putting your eyes at risk and loss of vision. 

Follow-up contact lens examinations ensure that your vision is as clear and healthy. It also tests to make sure lenses fit perfectly, ensuring you will have no issues with their comfort or infections.

First Time Contact Lens Wearer

Tips For First Time Contact Lens Wearers

Follow Your Eye Doctor’s Recommendations

It is always best to follow the eye doctor’s directions when it comes to contact lenses. They will be able to help you better than anyone else in terms of what type of contact lenses would be best for your eyes as well as how to care for them.

Clean Contact Lenses

One of the most important things to do when wearing contact lenses is to keep them clean. Bacteria can build up on lenses and cause eye infections. Be sure to clean your lenses according to the instructions provided by your doctor.

Don’t Scratch Your Eyes

It can be tempting to try and adjust your lenses with your fingers, but this can lead to scratches on the surface of your eye. If you need to adjust your lenses, be sure to use clean hands and handle them gently.

Remove Lenses Before Sleeping

It is very important to remove your contact lenses before going to sleep. Sleeping in lenses can lead to serious eye infections.

Contact Lenses For Kids

The best time to first start wearing contact lenses is at a young age. Wearing contacts early on can help build habits over time when wearing contacts. Children need to be comfortable, especially when inserting contact lenses for the first time. At Optical Academy, we have the most patient-friendly and cost-efficient fittings in the country!

Dr. Vitto Mena is an Optometrist at Optical Academy that specializes in corneal and contact lens management with more than six years of diverse experience. With the fogging up on eyewear for kids creates discomfort. Replacing them with contact lenses would provide comfortability, wider visual access, and would prevent fogging!

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