Contact Lens Fitting

Contact Lens Fitting

Get fitted or trained in your favorite contact lens brands or browse new contact lens options that are best for you!

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Optical Academy Contact Lens Fitting Exam

What is a contact lens fitting?

A contact lens fitting is an exam your eye doctor gives you to decide what strength your eyes need. This exam can also tell your eye doctor what type of contacts you need. There are various types of contact lenses that serve different purposes. 

There are contact lenses for astigmatism, bifocal, for sensitive eyes, and even colored contact lenses. After getting your eyes examined, your doctor would recommend contacts depending on what you need.

Keratoconus Fitting

Keratoconus is a condition where a normally round cornea becomes thin and develops a bulge. Due to this, your doctor will recommend gas-permeable contact lenses. Gas permeable contact lenses are  hard contact lenses made of silicone-containing compounds that allow oxygen through for comfort.

Adjusting To Contacts

After wearing your contact lenses, your eye doctor will need to know if they fit properly and are comfortable. You might try different pairs depending on your vision and comfort. After selecting the pair we will teach you how to put them on and take them out. There will be a follow-up appointment to determine if the contacts were the right fit for you and address any issues. Once they are a pair you feel comfortable in your eye doctor will order a full set.

Putting on Contact Lenses

Benefits of Contact Lens Fittings

A contact lens fitting is extremely important for finding the right contact lenses. Here’s a list of benefits:

  • The Right Fitting:  Not having the right fit for your contacts can lead to discomfort and can affect your vision. Our Optometrists make sure you get the right fit by using a keratometer. This object measures the curvature of your cornea to determine the best fit. 
  • Consideration of Eye Conditions:  If you currently or previously have an eye condition, this can affect your contact lens choice. Our Optometrists will make sure to take into consideration conditions such as allergies, dry eyes, corneal scars, etc.
  • Comfort: Comfort for your contact lens depends on its material of it. Your Optometrist can find the best contact lenses for you.
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After your contact lens fitting, you can purchase contact lenses online with your most recent prescription from Optical Academy.

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It’s recommended to have an annual Contact Lens Fitting. It’s important to examine how your contact lenses affect your eyes. How often you need contact lens exams are different for each individual.

Contact lens fitting usually averages any from 30 minutes to an hour.

At your Contact Lens Fitting exam, you can expect to discuss lens preference, take the measurements, learn about contact lenses, and schedule a follow-up.

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