What is a refraction eye exam?

A refraction eye exam is an examination that measures how light refracts through your eye to determine the best prescription for corrective lenses. This type of exam is usually performed by an ophthalmologist or optometrist commonly during a comprehensive eye exam. With the help of this article, you will learn what a refraction eye exam is and if one might be needed for your specific situation.

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How does a refraction eye exam work?

 A refractive eye exam is an exam that is performed to determine the refractive status of your eyes. This type of exam can be used to diagnose refractive problems such as astigmatism, myopia (nearsightedness), and hyperopia (farsightedness). The exam can also be used to determine the best type of corrective lens for your individual needs. During the refractive eye exam, your doctor will ask you to look through a device called a phoropter. This device contains different lenses of different strengths. By looking through the phoropter and reading from an eye chart, your doctor can determine the refractive error in your eyes and prescribe the appropriate corrective lenses.

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What is included in a refractive eye exam?

A refractive eye exam is an examination of the eyes to determine the proper correction for refractive error. This type of exam can be performed by an optometrist or ophthalmologist, and typically includes the use of a phoropter.

The phoropter is a device that the eye care professional uses to measure refractive error. This device has a number of different lenses that the patient looks through while the eye care professional observes the patient’s eyes. The eye care professional will then use this information to prescribe the correct eyeglass or contact lens prescription.

In addition to measuring refractive error, a refractive eye exam may also include other tests to check the health of the eyes. These tests can include checking for signs of cataracts, glaucoma, and other eye conditions. A refractive eye exam is important for people who are having difficulty seeing clearly. It can also be used to update an existing eyeglass or contact lens prescription.

When should I get a refractive eye exam?

You should get a refractive eye exam:

  • Experiencing refractive symptoms like blurry vision, difficulty reading, or headaches.
  • You have never had an eye exam
  • Has been more than a year since your last eye exam
  • Have symptoms of poor vision, such as trouble seeing clearly at a distance or up close
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Why is it important?

It is important to get a refractive eye exam because refractive errors can cause problems with your vision. If not treated, refractive errors can lead to permanent vision loss. Having a better vision can lead to productivity.

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