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Optical Academy’s CEO, Abby Ayoub, Named One of the 50 Most Influential Women in Business in New Jersey by NJBIZ

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NJBIZ announces Optical Academy’s CEO, Abby Ayoub, as one of 2017’s Most Influential Woman in Business in New Jersey.  Winners of this prestigious award include accomplished woman from a wide variety of industries who have shaped the economic future of New Jersey with their contributions to the Garden State’s business community.

Optical Academy (OA) and its sister company, Tele2020, are the leaders in onsite eye exams, onsite eyewear, and onsite lab and lens dispensing that has changed the delivery of eye care for schools, communities and businesses, alike. Their passion brings health care back to the community while ensuring no child goes without a comprehensive eye exam and eyewear.

“Optical Academy started with one purpose, to help everyone see a beautiful day.  We didn’t want to be dependent on grants, donations and contributions, we wanted to be known for our passion and work ethic.  This enabled us to show the need and value for onsite optical solutions while building deep rooted partnerships with businesses, schools and communities that believe in giving back to others, helping them to not only see better but live life to its fullest.  Today, the demand is so great, we are seeking grants and corporate partnerships to help us fulfill our promise,” said Abby Ayoub, CEO, Optical Academy. 

Optical Academy’s family of companies also includes Tele2020 which serves businesses and employees, and their newest company, See A Beautiful Day, Every Day, a non-profit 501c(3).  Combined, their companies are growing nationally from their roots which started in the Northeast.  Having established and proven their leadership position in onsite eye care, they now have active partnerships who share in their passion to provide onsite eye care that provides greater convenience, access, and quality without the markups of more traditional optical service providers. They serve groups, not individuals, in a fun and engaging approach to comprehensive eye care whose quality is second to none and more cost effective.

“Millions of children receive free eye screenings at their schools every year and for those that fail a screening, more than 70% never get seen, even into adulthood.  For many, vision care isn’t affordable or isn’t accessible enough with today’s busy family and work life.  We are often asked why we waited to create our non-profit company, See A Beautiful Day, Every Day.  The reason is simple, we wanted to develop and perfect our onsite model to save everyone who participates up to 50-60%; making it the most cost effective, affordable and comprehensive service right where they live and work, onsite.  And because we didn’t want anyone to be left out because they couldn’t afford or didn’t have vision insurance, we provided free eye exams and eyewear for the children.  No child should ever have to live without seeing and experiencing life to its fullest.  We didn’t want a company, organization or person to simply write a check, rather, we want them to be our partner and share our passion.  Because they participate with Optical Academy and Tele2020, See A Beautiful Day, is able to provide free eye exams and eyewear to the children in need.  Together, we give back to the community and schools while promoting your companies brand name at our events, putting your logo on the frame cases as a corporate sponsor, and we promote your company in our communications.  Today, the need is massive and through corporate partners, grants and other programs – we will fulfill the needs of millions around the country and help every child in need receive a free onsite eye exam and eyewear,” said Ayoub.


About Optical Academy, Tele2020, and See A Beautiful Day, Every Day

Optical Academy and Tele2020 provides On-Site Eye Exams, Contact Lens Exams, and Eyewear at the comfort of your School-Site, Work-Site or Community Event.  Eye care and Eyewear has never been more convenient and cost efficient.  Eyewear mark-up is insanely high and we are here to be the community’s vision voice and eye care provider. Many organizations turn to us as their direct vision provider and partner.  See A Beautiful Day, Every Day provides free onsite eye care and eyewear for those in need through its vendor, corporate and community sponsors.