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Abby Ayoub

Optical Academy
Clifton, New Jersey

CHOSEN BECAUSE… “Abby is doing it alone and we are amazed at how far she’s gone because of her passion to serve. She mentors us daily, has created a profit share program and many incentives for us to grow individually within the company. She cares about every aspect and turns no one away if they cannot afford our services.”


Abby Ayoub fell in love with the optical industry at a young age and has never left. She crossed paths with a 15-year-old girl named Kelly who had a tumor that blasted her retina, went into her brain and pushed her eye all the way left. Kelly annually failed her school’s vision test and wasn’t able to see an optometrist. That’s when Ayoub founded Optical Academy—which provides onsite exams and eyewear at school sites, work sites, and other communities.

When she served on the Council for VCA, 18 years ago, data showed that, “over 70 percent of children who fail a vision screening never get seen.” Because that remains unchanged today, Ayoub works to address the problem with the way eyecare is delivered, especially to underserved children.

SHE SAYS… “I have a mission and purpose that is stronger than the bottom line. I am an entrepreneur and not afraid of failure. I love to create, do things differently and have a passion for people. I excel by fueling that nut daily and hope I can be the largest player in the optical industry too.”
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