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Myopia Management

What is our glasses to classes program?

Optical Academy partners with school administrators to bring onsite mobile eye care and eyewear to their entire school building of students ALL IN ONE DAY. The Optical Academy vision team unloads a full optical directly inside your school’s gym, auditorium, cafeteria, or designated space! Students can receive eye exams with their best friends, making it a fun experience together!  All students who fail a vision screening will be seen by our team of eye care professionals right away. Students get to see how glasses are made and then choose their perfect pair from our vast and unique onsite collection! Our team is in and out and all students are seen at NO COST!!!! Helping all students to see a beautiful day every day and learn to their best abilities one school at a time!


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Did You Know 1 in 4 Children Need Vision Correction?


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Clients feedback

Natasha Allicock

“Thank you so much for sending such an awesome team! Robert and the staff were such a pleasure to work with. The team members working with all of our teachers, students, and staff were kind, efficient, and flexible. Everyone was very approachable and Dr. Vitto made it a quick process for all of our participants. The excitement from the students seeing all the glasses available was heartwarming and so adorable when they realized they didn’t need glasses! This was a wonderful experience and I would love to have a larger event in the future to include our other campuses and the community.”

College Achieve in Plainfield NJ

George Douglas

“There was tremendous excitement when the student heard the glasses arrived.  We saw students proudly walking the halls with their new glasses all day.”

PS 465 Manhattan

Diane Yacenda

“I highly recommend Optical Academy! We had an amazing experience with their vision team! Hana was so helpful and flexible throughout the scheduling process. And their on-site team today was simply the BEST — Wellington, Raul, and Dr. Shah were awesome! Our students are so excited to receive their glasses later this month.”

Keith Benson

“The staff at OA were supremely helpful, kind and courteous to all attendees. It was really amazing having such a remarkable day down here in Camden and within our schools.”

Robin Joachim

“I would like to extent my gratitude to you and your team on such an amazing job yesterday with my students. Everything transitioned smoothly and very efficient. Your staff were very professional and patient with both me and my students. A few of my students needed assistance with translation and they stepped right in to assure that the child received the necessary support.”

Natalia Trivers-Roach

“I just wanted to say how amazing the optical team was that visited our school today.  The team was very professional, kind and caring. The students absolutely enjoyed the whole process with words of encouragement from the team every step of the way.” 
Parent Coordinator of P.S. 191